Hive Cheer! Thank you Update!

Long time no see! I just wanted to thank you all for playing my twine game about becoming a hot futa bee girl. It means a lot to me to see that it is doing this well, and I feel a bit guilty for letting this project sit for so long. I just sat down and worked out a bit more. 

Time to talk about my goals for this twine game and the obstacles facing its completion and continuation: 

My original goal was to create something I could expand on over time, writing more and more for it so it could grow into something nice and massive that has plenty of content to explore and routes to take. Being open ended and letting the reader slip in and enjoy a good time. Not much planning to make, and not much effort to consume. A nice slice of cake! There are some downsides to this though, first off, SCOPE CREEP. It's easy to come up with branches, it takes discipline to fill them out. Every branch is an opportunity for engagement, letting the player chose their path, but there needs to be meat behind that choice for it to matter.

I reach a state of analysis paralysis often while working on this. I know that restraint is important, but it feels like each time I get a bolt of inspiration, I have to write while I can... what I can. I think that by setting myself a schedule to do these things I might more easily gain control over this project. By having due dates and goals for delivery. Without that, every time I sit down and crank out a few panels, rather then thinking, "oh gosh, I could have so many more if I did not put it off for months." I'll think, "four panels in one hour, sweat, at this rate I can be ready for the next update."

Anyway, still working things out, I'll be back sometime soon :tm: to post an update schedule.


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Sep 26, 2022
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Sep 26, 2022

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